Front profile view of the black Oliver unit (smart Kitchen robot) jars full of ingredients. Oliver is a smart kitchen appliance.

Meet Oliver by else

It’s your solution to having consistently delicious meals, with minimal effort. Discover, prep, and let Oliver cook.

Why Oliver?

Oliver by else automates the cooking process through its unique technology. It dispenses ingredients precisely and at the correct temperature - all hands-free.

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We’ve got you covered. Our recipe library is filled with delicious, comprehensive and diverse dishes. It’s time to get inspired and explore what Oliver by else, has to offer.

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snapshot of recipe image cards. The cards share the recipe title country of origin and the time it takes Oliver to cook them. Front and center is the Italian dish, Tomato shrimp pasta, which takes Oliver 30min to cook...handsfree.

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Are you a leader in the appliance distribution field? If you’re interested in Oliver by else, let’s talk.

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World map, grey in colour. Green else labs logo located where Ottawa, ON, Canada is located with multiple green lines, starting at the else logo and connecting to other major cities across the world!
Illustration of a fleet of Oliver's  (11 Olivers lined up) behind a glass wall, with a chef prepping ingredients. This image is a visual representation of a potential restaurant or cloud kitchen concept for an Oliver restaurant.

We see the future and believe that Oliver by else has a place in it.

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