Oliver by else, is a smart Kitchen robot

Oliver simplifies the cooking process by emulating you through the cooking process.

Oliver recreates recipes with the same quality and attention to detail as a professional, preserving the flavours, textures of the creator.

Fresh ingredients to fresh food—Oliver will create a variety of delicious meals for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Take a few moments and explore the benefits Oliver has to offer:

Get your time back

When the prep is done, so are you.

While Oliver is cooking, do what you desire with your time, it’s valuable.

Catch up on household chores, hang with your family, or simply take a little me-time to recharge.

Discover recipes you’ve never tried before

The diversity of Oliver’s recipe library represents a wide range of cuisines. Oliver allows you to explore a whole new range of dishes that you may have been intimidated to cook.

Oliver is restaurant quality food, made in your kitchen.

Take control of meal prep

Peel, chop, dice, pour, or mince, and then load the ingredients in Oliver’s jars.

Now Oliver is ready for when you or someone else wants to start the cook. Looking to reduce stress during the week, when time is precious?

Prep your ingredients on Sunday and store them in the refrigerator for the week ahead.

Take the guesswork out of cooking

Meal planning can be intimidating. With Oliver it isn’t.

Browse Oliver’s library to see if anything piques your interest. Our app can amalgamate the ingredients for all the recipes you’ve selected in your meal plan into one shopping list to simplify your grocery shop.

Alternatively, if you have food in the refrigerator you don’t want to go to waste, search our recipes based on the ingredients you already have and see what you can make! You could prep the majority of the ingredients days in advance so there is less to do on the day of.

Lifestyle Nutrition

Do you have specific dietary restrictions? Perhaps you’re leading a plant based lifestyle. Maybe there’s a specific diet that you’re following.

Whatever it is, Oliver by else has you covered. You can select meals based on your personal preferences. And, what is more amazing, is the detailed nutritional information you have access to for all of Oliver’s recipes within the app.

Oliver is more than just a smart kitchen robot,

it’s an experience

A right hand holding a phone, with the Oliver app displaying the recipe library.
This image is of one Oliver jar, being filled with chopped broccoli
Fron profile view of Oliver with the Jars filled with ingredients. Jar number two is currently being loaded into Oliver (all other jars are loaded and in position).

Perfect meals in 3 easy steps

Trust us when we say 3 easy steps.

All you have to do is: choose a recipe, prep the ingredients, load the jars.

Walk away and Oliver does the heavy lifting for you.

Oliver captures an expert chef’s talent, timing and precision

Oliver’s unique design brings new functionality into hands-off automated cooking.

The internal mixing arm gently and consistently keeps ingredients moving, offering much greater control over texture and flavour then any other smart appliance.

You could say, you have your own personal chef on demand.

Automated time-release jars

Oliver’s timed-release jars control when and how different ingredients are cooked.

Not every ingredient needs to be cooked at the same temperature or for the same length of time. The beauty of Oliver is, this is all accounted for within the recipes Oliver cooks.

Precision, accuracy and reliability is what Oliver’s automation technology is all about.

Designed for easy clean up

The majority of us dread the aftermath of cooking a delicious meal.

One of Oliver’s wonderful traits is every part of Oliver is made for easy clean up. Quick disassembly and dishwasher safe components ensure you can clean jars, the mixing arm, lids and the cookpot simply and easily.

A nice conclusion to the perfect meal.

This image is showing two cell phone screens side by side. Showing two different screens of the Oliver app. The device on the left is showing the recipes page for the Tuscan Chicken and the device on the right is showing the shopping list screen.

Assistant App

Oliver’s app is designed to the same levels of excellence.

Explore recipes from around the world, follow simple step-by-step instructions for every dish, and manage and monitor nutrition, cooking time and your weekly shopping list, all within one convenient app.