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Let's work Together...

At else labs, we're passionate about food and technology, and are always interested in connecting with others who share the same passion

Our technology is beneficial in so many aspects, and we’re looking for the right individuals who can help us convey this.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to work with us as an affiliate, select the affiliate type that best represents you and complete the form!

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Affiliate Types


We believe it’s important for people to know the impact of food they eat on their lifestyle.

Interested in working with us as a Nutritionist Affiliate? Please complete the following:


Food Blogger

We are helping transform how people relate to food with innovative products that make delicious meals while they do something else.

Interested in working with us as a Food blogger? Please complete the following:



We want to help people experience authentic, diverse meals, and find new foods to love.

Interested in working with us as a Chef Affiliate? Please complete this form:



Think you would make for a great else Affiliate, but don't seem to fit any of these categories? Please complete this form and help us learn more about you

Illustration of a fleet of Oliver's  (11 Olivers lined up) behind a glass wall, with a chef prepping ingredients. This image is a visual representation of a potential restaurant or cloud kitchen concept for an Oliver restaurant.

Cloud Kitchen

The concept of a cloud kitchen is relatively new, however the uniqueness of a cloud kitchen powered by Oliver is simply genius. If you’re interested in exploring how you can incorporate Oliver by else into your commercial kitchen, contact us today using the form below