Oliver (a smart kitchen robot) angled slightly to the left so you can see the front, top (5 jars loaded but not filled with ingredients), and the side of the water tank. In the background, Oliver is against a forest green circle.

Meet Oliver

Oliver by else is a smart kitchen robot, which automates all the steps in cooking a recipe for you.

Oliver doesn’t just throw everything together all at once, heat and hope for the best. It does just the opposite.

Oliver is an automated cooking appliance that follows a recipe’s various steps in the right sequence at the right times. Providing you with a handsfree way to make meals!

Constructed for perfection, scroll down to see how

5 Oliver Jars, clear cylinders with back tops. All 5 jars are in the loaded position (upside down).

Automated time-release Jars

Oliver has 5 jars and the ability to actuate each sequentially to dispense ingredients. Oliver’s novel dispensing technology controls when and how each ingredient is cooked.


Oliver is made with carefully selected premium materials, while built with careful craftsmanship.

Physical Dimensions

H 40 x W 36 x L 38 cm

H 15.7” x W 14.2” x L 15.0” in


1100 Watts @ 110-120V

Oliver Exterior

Powder coated Stainless Steel shell

Impact resistant Polycarbonate base

Cooking Pot

Stainless Steel

3.5L Capacity

Max Temp 180°C/350°F


BPA free plastic

Hypo-allergenic Silicone seals


1.3” in full RGB display


iOS or Android mobile device

2.4 GHz wifi connection